Volume 3, Issue 3
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Training Opportunities


As a reminder, the SSC is offering live Zoom training sessions covering Basic Procurement Training and Chrome River Approvers Training. 


Upcoming sessions:


November 21 @ 10:00 AM eVA Change Orders


December 11 @ 2:00 PM

Chrome River All Users Training (T&E)


January 9 @ 2:00 PM

Chrome River Approvers Training (T&E)


For more information, please visit the Training Calendar on the SSC's website.


There have been 19 of 23 College IV&V Partnership meetings completed. 


The remaining four (4) have been scheduled in December and January.  Below are the common IV&V themes:


  1. Issue Resolution and Communication
  2.  College Needs and Vendor Relations
  3.  Cost Reduction
  4.  Training
  5.  Administrative Burden


Understanding of the colleges contracting/ procurement needs is the greatest challenge facing the colleges and the SSC.

Submit Process Improvement Ideas here.
Periodically, we will provide updates on the SSC in the form of this newsletter. Please contact SSC_Communications@ssc.vccs.edu with any contributions or suggestions that you may find interesting.

Online Contracts Master List


The Shared Services Procurement Team is excited to announce a new contracts resource available to colleges and systems office!  To view the Communication regarding the publishing, please click here.  We hope you find this new resource useful when looking for existing contracts to purchase goods and services.  This listing is fluid and constantly changing; it is meant to be a tool to provide assistance if you would like to look for contracts on your own.  As always, email us at contracts@ssc.vccs.edu if you need assistance with a procurement contract or if you need help getting started. 


This published list on the SSC website contains all of the known VCCS contracts and some of the approved cooperative contracts.  Generally, these contracts and cooperatives are for procurements where spend is cumulatively over $100,000 (e.g. Year 1 = $50,000+ Year 2 = $50,000 totals $100,000).  This means college specific small vendor agreements may not be on this listing.  Those contracts are generally attached directly to the purchase requisition. 

This listing might be helpful to:


  • Find a contract that already exists for your procurement needs
  • Know when your contract is expiring and/or how many renewals are remaining.  SSC is actively reviewing this listing and moving contracts to the ‘queued to work’ on a solicitation or in the ‘active solicitations’ list. 
  • See all your College’s contracts and maybe even notice that we don’t have one listed or something is incorrect.  If updates are needed, please send us the information right away to contracts@ssc.vccs.edu so the appropriate changes can be made  - thank you for partnering with us to make this listing as complete as possible!
  • See that there are lots of options available for your expiring contracts.  You can email contracts@ssc.vccs.edu for assistance with determining which contract is best to meet your needs.


Special notes on this listing:

  • To review a contract, please email the contract name/number to contracts@ssc.vccs.edu (linkages will be a future improvement)
  • To obtain approval to use a contract cooperatively, please the contract name/number to email contracts@ssc.vccs.edu to become an authorized user
  • To find state contracts go to eVA state contracts website
  • To manipulate the listing click the Download to Excel Link (the website allows CRLT F to find text on the page)
  • This listing will be updated on Mondays
  • To get to this listing, begin on the SSC Website, then click on Procurement on the top toolbar, then select Solicitations and Contracts from the left toolbar and select Master List of Contracts.  Please read through the instructions before beginning use as they contain helpful hints.  If you have any questions, please contact the SSC Help Center at 877-340-5577 or help@ssc.vccs.edu

Other Contracts Resources


Mandatory Statewide Contract list link:  https://logi.epro.cgipdc.com/External/rdPage.aspx?rdReport=Public.Reports.Report9008_Data&lnkFrom=Mandatory


 State Contracts (Non-IT Contracts) link:  https://logi.epro.cgipdc.com/External/rdPage.aspx?rdReport=Public.Reports.Report9008_Data


IT Contracts (VITA) link:  https://vita.cobblestonesystems.com/public/


System-wide contracts procured by VCCS below:


1. Marketing, Communications & Public Relations Services Contracts - 11 contracts issued - Contract # VCCS-WIDE-18-006 for all contracts below, each with a different suffix (ex..VCCS-WIDE-18-0006-ACC for Access, Inc).  Contractors are: 

  • Access, Inc.- ACC
  • Bergman Group - A Division of Strauer - BER 
  • Charles Ryan Associates – CHA
  • Havit Advertising, Inc.- HAV
  • J. R. Reingold & Associates - REI
  • Lawrence - Park dba Brite - BRI
  • Pulsar Marketing, LLC - PUL
  • Rubia Group LLC - RUB
  • Salvage Advertising Corp - SAL
  • The Hodges Partnership - HOD
  • VisionPoint Marketing - VIS

2. Promotional Cooperative Contracts - These contracts were approved to use cooperatively for promotional products for all of VCCS.  All contracts are approved through October 14, 2024.  Contractor name and contract numbers are listed below:

  • Real Access – UCPJMU5265
  • 4imprint – UCPJMU5253
  • Daniel Promotions – UCPJMU5258
  • A Logo For You – UCPJMU5254
  • Promo Factory – UCPJMU5263
  • Bright Ideas – UCPJMU5256

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SSC Website Updates

Have you visited the SSC website lately? If not, go take a look! SSC.VCCS.EDU

We have made it our goal to keep the site fresh and incorporate changes and improvements as often as possible.  We also want to make it easy for you to keep up with what’s new!


If you go to the home page, under the links to College News, in the middle of the page, there is a list of recent communications, as well as what has been updated within the last month.


The lists are meant to be a quick reference tool and provide links to all the new updates. The lists are updated every 4-6 weeks. Most recently, we’ve improved the "Search" function, added the Procurement Master List of Contracts, and redesigned the "Home" page to reduce scrolling, pull in News articles from around the VCCS, and added Featured Videos from the colleges.  These two features (the videos and the news articles) will have the bandwidth to change monthly.


We welcome your website change requests and process improvement ideas, this partnership makes us better, keep them coming! If you have any questions about the website or future enhancements, our Help Center is happy to assist, please contact us at  help@ssc.vccs.edu or 877-340-5577.


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Coming Soon:  Informational Zoom Sessions

Coming Soon: SSC HR Operations Informational Zoom Sessions

Our TLAM, Hire-to-Retire and Payroll teams will be hosting bi-weekly sessions to share updates, conduct training and answer questions/concerns.  Please contact Adina Slyter at aslyter@ssc.vccs.edu if you are interested in participating or have a topic you would like to discuss.

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eVA Naming Convention


Simplified eVA Title Naming Convention:  To assist the SSC with processing your orders more efficiently


This naming convention reduces the requirements as follows:

1.  Required Agency Information to include:

  • Agency Number - enter with preceding ‘A’ and your college agency number followed by your
  • College/Agency Acronym as listed in the chart below (e.g. A270SSC)

2.  As-Needed Information to Designate "HOT" Orders

  • Expedited Order - enter ‘HOT’ directly after your college Acronym so the SSC can easily sort orders needing immediate attention.  This helps process your orders faster.  

 3.  Optional Free-Form Title Description

  • Enter your requisition titling as needed to suit your specific college’s needs


1.   A270SSC - Optional Free-Form Information Here

2.   A270SSC - HOT - Optional Free-Form Information Here



List of Agency/College Acronyms:

Travel & Expense Tips


Have you ever wondered how lodging costs that exceed 150% of the GSA allowable rate are allocated within Chrome River?


The approval process for lodging expenses over 150% GSA remains the college's decision.  The Department of Accounts (DOA) approval is required to use state funds for over 150%.  The college business office is responsible for handling that request to DOA, not the SSC T&E Team.  Many colleges opt to use local discretionary funds for the overage to avoid the additional layer of approval from DOA. If an allowable local funds code is used, the expense will be split allocated between state and local funds within your expense report.


No person at a college can authorize the use of state funds for hotel expenses exceeding 150% of the GSA allowable rate.


How are periods of continuous travel entered on an expense report? That is, how do you enter one trip that ends and another that begins in the same period?


You should submit both trips in a single expense report. Travel Days must be deducted on the first day of your travel and another Travel Day deductible is checked on the last day of travel for the entire period you were gone. Travel days do not have to be deducted for the last day of the first trip and the first day of your last trip while in continuous travel. 


It is important to submit your expense report in a timely manner once you complete your travel. CAPP Topic 20335 states on p. 9, "Travelers must submit the Expense Report to their supervisor within 30 working days after completion of the trip (See CAPP Cardinal Topic No. 20336, Agency Travel Processing). In the case of continuous travel, the traveler must submit the Expense Report to the supervisor within 30 working days of the last day of travel for which reimbursement is requested. However, employees on continuous travel should request reimbursement at least monthly."


So, typically travelers submit the Expense Report within 30 working days after the trip, but if you are an employee in continuous travel, then the later rule applies.


Training Schedule:


Shared Services Travel & Expense staff will host monthly Chrome River training sessions via Zoom. Please visit the SSC T&E Training page to access the training calendar and Zoom link to pre-register for the session.


There will be two types of sessions:


All Users Training: Attend this Zoom event to review the basics of preapproval and expense report creation/submission and learn more about the policies surrounding travel expense reimbursement.


Approvers Training: Attend this Zoom event to review approval flows, approver responsibilities, and travel reimbursement policy.


  • November 14, 2019 - Approvers Training
  • December 12, 2019 - All Users Training
  • January 9, 2020 - Approvers Training
  • February 13, 2020 - All Users Training
  • March 12, 2020 - Approvers Training 


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